The Best Ways to Install Webroot antivirus on your PC via

Webroot safe is one of the most proven antivirus utility suites developed by Webroot Software. If you work on a PC or Laptop, or a Smartphone running on a public Wi-Fi network, then your device is vulnerable to cyber threats without a robust Antivirus program. Some of the most notorious cyber threats among millions of users are Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkit, etc.

Install webroot antivirus

It could lead to more severe cybercrime that is no less than a nightmare if the perpetrators could get their hands on your personal data and damage your PC. Cyber infiltrators can set a stage for ransomware threats.

To save your PC and everything stored in it, you must go through the website to download and install Webroot safe antivirus for all-around protection of your system. In addition, you can also install antivirus on your portable devices such as Laptop, mobile and tablets via

Webroot Secure Anywhere Installation error

The Webroot SecureAnywhere enables you to download and install Webroot safe antivirus using the Geek Squad. All you need is to visit and get the Webroot setup file instead of downloading it from

Although, the procedure to setup Webroot safe antivirus at most times can easily be carried out by using the link, whereas some process might bother you a bit. You will discover installation errors due to some confliction between preinstalled programs, software and other applications.

To deal with such nuisance, you can go for online solutions or contact customer support care at to solve the issue. Webroot customer support services are available 24/7 to help you with a dedicated and skilled team to fix your query.

Few tips to resolve the error “Your Keycode could not be verified at this time”

If your PC displays the error, “Your Keycode could not be verified at this time”, then it means your Webroot setup is having difficulty installing on your device. In this scenario, make sure to have Webroot SecureAnywhere connected to the internet services and try again. In the second attempt, if you are still receiving the message, then check the followings:

  • Make sure your Internet connection is linked with Webroot SecureAnywhere, if not, then secure the connections and try again.
  • If your PC is connected to the Internet and running on Firewall protection, then it might be blocking Secure Anywhere installation. Make sure to disable the firewall for a short period and then try again.
  • A pre-installed version of Webroot SecureAnywhere might be blocking your installing process. Make sure to have removed any antivirus programs earlier installed and then try again.
  • If your PC is running on Windows 7, or 8, you must install Webroot SecureAnywhere in an administrator account.
  • If the above instructions fail to resolve your installation problem, then reboot your system in safe mode and try again

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